What's Your Name (feat. Honor Flow Productions)

by Luna

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“So when are we going to work on a song for me?” I have lost count how many times I have been asked that question for the past four years by Luna. Every.Single.Time I see her. Or, she’ll call me randomly out the blue to check in on my life and then ask “The Question.” Persistence at its finest I tell ya. It took 3 years for “The Question” to help manifest her important contributions to “The Life” and of course, “This That Jam.” And now, a year after she helped us reintroduce ourselves on “Boombox Sketches,” it’s finally time for the world to be formally introduced to the Luna that made us take notice in the first place: the Luna with a powerhouse voice and her knack for crafting monster hooks and melodies.

Sometimes, I don’t think she realizes how good she is and how easy she makes it look. The rap folklore tale of Jay-Z not writing anything down and arranging his rhymes internally before cracking the mic has been well documented. Luna has an extreme case of this gift. I’ll turn on a beat, she’ll sing something randomly that will catch my ear, I will ask her to sing it again to record, and she has already forgotten it. I have worked with a lot of talented MCs and Singers over the last decade, but NONE of them have ever had me constantly have the tape rolling at all times during a session. With her, it’s either you capture the thunder in the light bulb, or it’s gone forever. This is how “What’s Your Name?” was written.

During a session we completed some background work for an upcoming Shadows Of Society record I co-produced, I simply threw on this beat (a beat that was originally composed as a remix of D’Angelo’s “Brown Sugar” and I decided this could be a song for Luna), and told her “Sing the very first thing that comes to mind.” The song was demoed in less than an hour. Not a single word was written down until after the song was written and she was re-recording her vocals. The Force is strong with this one.

They said “there is a thrill in the chase” when comes to romantic relationships, but the chase officially starts once one simple question is asked. That question is the subject of this “Fly Love Song;” the debut single from Luna. It’s been a long time coming, way before she met Lord, Elimn8, and myself, and I am truly humbled and honored that we have been given the opportunity to provide her with that platform. Pretty soon, the world won’t have to ask what her name is.

Soul Claps & Salutes and Thank You For Listening,



released July 10, 2016

Produced & Mixed By DJ Chuck "thE oLd SouL" For Honor Flow Productions
Recorded @ Drake's Den (Los Angeles, CA)
Lead and Background Vocals: Luna
Additional Vocals: Elimn8 and DJ Chuck "thE oLd SouL" of Honor Flow Productions
Art Design: Rowell Marcos For RM Media

Press/Booking Inquiries: HFPempire@yahoo.com

@LunaMusic11 (Instagram)

DJ Chuck "thE oLd SouL"
@thEoLdSouLHFP (Instagram/Twitter)

@Elimn8HFP (Instagram/Twitter)

Honor Flow Productions:

(c) 2016 H.F.P. Music Group



all rights reserved


Honor Flow Productions Los Angeles, California

Honor Flow Productions is a Los Angeles, California homegrown musical collective focused on developing and presenting the absolute apex of a "human" experience by gravitating the mind, body, and soul through musical ventures. H.F.P. prides itself in breaking the traditional boundaries of contemporary music, that breeds beauty for your ears, food for your soul, and exercise for your feet. ... more

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Track Name: Luna - What's Your Name (feat. Honor Flow Productions)
Verse 1 (Luna):
Woke up this morning.
Feeling just fine.
Then I went through out my days.
I walked by and said “Hey! How you doing today?”
To this one particular guy.
He looked at me and smiled and said “hello” back!
Then as a matter of fact…

Hook (Luna):
He said “Darling come over here.”
“I see you clearly my dear.”
“You always smile and say hey.”
“Can I ask, What’s Your Name?”
“And everyday I see you, you always say hey.”
“So come a little bit closer…”
“Can I ask, What’s Your Name?

Verse 2 (Luna):
So told him my name, he smiled and laughed.
I said “What’s so funny?”
He said “I had a dream about that.”
I said “What’s the dream, that you had?”
He said “I’ll never tell you. ‘Cause it’s my secret boo.”
So said “You can keep your secrets. The next time I see you…”
“You can tell me about your dream, and I can tell you about me too.”
So we said goodnight, and I said goodbye.
And he told me one more time…


Verse 3:
Hey girl how ya doing? What’s your sign?
Been feeling you way before I ever kicked a rhyme.
Not be out of line, just think you’re fine.
Can’t be equated with U.S. mint, you’re not a dime.
Our eyes meet, you caught my glance.
Replied with a smile, now here’s my chance.
Captivated, locked in Cupid’s glance.
Lights turn off and there go the pants.

The Dream Weaver, movin’, glowin’ in her ora.
Tongue tied, almost didn’t have a word for her.
She said “Surrender to my rescue, now you know you want to.”
I put it “On The Line” that I’m crushin’, really want you.
Imagination fired up by infatuation.
Am I being patient or is this time I’m wasting?
So here’s my dedication, like I’m Art Laboe.
My name is Chuck, I dig your soul, let’s take a stroll.
I wanna know so…

(Hook x2)